AZ Legal Document Preparation provides legal document preparation services for the following documents; however, we are not limited to the following documents.

We are willing to discuss any other types of legal forms or documents that our customer may need to have prepared.  All of the documents that we  prepare are  fully completed and professionally finalized computer-generated documents

Please be advised that costs for court fees, corporation commission fees, recording fees, filing fees, process service fees, posting fees, TSG Reports, publication fees, or any other costs or fees, etc., are often subject to change and are not included in our document preparation fees.
If you have your own pre-printed document(s) or forms, we will  assist you in  completing the document(s) or forms.  Our fee for assisting in completing a pre-printed document or form is $35.00 per hour.
Family Law:

Uncontested Divorce - without children  $550
Uncontested Divorce - with children $650
Petition for Dissolution  $250
Response to Petition for Dissolution $250
Consent Decree $350
Child Custody and Parenting Time $400
Modification/Child Custody $400
Response to Modification of Child Custody $400
Petition for Child Custody $450
Response for Petition for Child Custody $450
Child Support $400
Modification of Child Support $350
Legal Separation, Annulment $500
Paternity $500
Guardianship/Conservatorship $550 - $900
Termination of Parental Rights $550
Prenuptial Agreement  $450
Name Change $300
Protection Orders and Injunctions $500
Request to Enforce Support $300
Stipulation for any agreement between the parties $400
Uncontested Divorce Property Settlement  Agreement $450

Real Estate: 
Quitclaim Deed/Warranty Deed/Joint Tenancy   Deed/Beneficiary Deed  $75
Contract for Sale $300
Lease Agreements (Simple)  $300
Deed of Trust (Simple)  $350
Tax Lien Foreclosure $650
Evictions  $400
Liens  $200

Informal Probate (uncontested) $900
Revocable Trust (simple),  Pour-Over Will, Medical and Mental Power of Attorney and Living Will - $850
Amendment to Revocable Trust - $150 - $350
Will Package (simple) containing Last Will and Testament,  Health Care Power of Attorney/Living Will. $400   
Last Will and Testament (simple) $200
Living Will $200
Power of Attorney (General/Durable/Health Care, etc.)  $200
Codicil to Last Will and Testament - $150 - $350
Affidavit of Succession to Real Property $75.00
Affidavit of Succession to Personal Property $75.00
Beneficiary Deed $100
Pet Trusts - $300.00
Guardianship/Conservatorship - $550 - $900  

Corporate Entity Formation:
Business/Corporate Formation Package, which includes:
 Articles/First Minutes/By-Laws/Stock Certificates           $400
Limited Liability Company Formation Package, which includes:
 Articles/ Operating Agreement/Member Certificates        $300
Minutes of Annual Meeting/Directors/ Shareholders $150
Minutes of Special Meeting/Corporate Resolution $75                           
Debt Collection/Garnishment  (earnings/non-earnings) $450 
Demand Letter  $200
Evictions - $450
Supplemental Proceeding/Debtor's Exam $250
Writ of Execution $250
Civil Litigation Superior Court: 
Summons/Complaint/Certificate of Compulsory Arbitration  $300-$600
Answer/Motion to Dismiss $250 - $650
Counterclaim/Crossclaim/Reply  $250-$650
Default package $250
Motion/Response/Reply - $250 - $650
PreTrial Statement $250
Discovery documents $250 to $650
Civil Subpoena $100
Demand Letters $250
Civil Litigation Justice Court ($10,000 or less)
and Small Claims Court ($3,500 or less):
Summons/Complaint $250-$450
Default package $175
Evictions $450
Request to Transfer $150
Disclosure Statement $200 - $350
Motions/Response/Reply - $200 - $450
Small Claims /Complaint/Motion $200
Small Claims Request for Continuance $150
Small Claims Objection to Hearing Officer $100

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